Destination Suggestions

Here are some of our favourites

South AfricaAFRICA

South Africa is an exhilarating and complex country and should be everyone’s once-in a-lifetime experience. Tour Soweto in Johannesburg or Capetown before heading to the outrageous Sun City. The infrastructure is excellent, and the climate much kinder than our own. Combine this with the thrill of a game drive to view the “Big 5” and end the day enjoying drinks around the boma fire. There’s nothing quite so exhilarating as coming head to head with a wild elephant in Kruger or viewing the magnificent Victoria Falls.

A remarkable land that delivers an exceptional travel reward experience.


Historically described “nowhere are there so many marvellous things …nor in the world are there to see so many things of unspeakable greatness” – and the beauty is, not too much has changed! The Sphinx, the Nile, the Giza Pyramids and ancient Luxor – Egypt’s scope is phenomenal.

The mythical, the miraculous, the mystical and the chaotic await you each day.


India will take your breath away with its vibrant colours and complete diversity – and if you enjoy delving into the “out of the ordinary” or thrive on exotic differences, then it is one of the most intricate and rewarding destinations on earth.

Nothing in this country is ever quite predictable. 

So take on the unexpected.


This exciting frontier offers so much for incentive groups. In Beijing, immerse yourself in the mixture of history. Picture yourself sipping champagne atop the Great Wall, or strolling the giant dimensions of Tiananmen Square, bartering in the markets or bouncing through the back streets on a rustic trishaw. While Shanghai is a city that is sophisticated, innovative and living a fast paced life of change like never seen before. Shanghai is the hotspot of modern China, a cosmopolitan city buzzing with ‘lifestyle revolution’. 

Experience China’s combination of culture, history and development.


There are so many unique destinations within this vast continent. Ride the waves in Hawaii, stay up all night in Vegas, dance down Bourbon Street in New Orleans, cruise through icebergs in Alaska or train through the Rockies in Vancouver. Explore the streets of San Francisco by cable car, or shop till you drop in the Big Apple. 

They have earned the reputation of “only in America!”.


There are just so many options from exotic cruises around the Greek Islands, to sampling French wine & fromage beneath the Eiffel Tower. Luxuriate in a 300 year old Turkish bath, burn off some energy on an Austrian luge, admire the gorgeous Spanish architecture or engage in grand Ol’ English pomp and ceremony. Tour Rome on the back of a vespa as your driver maneuvers you through the bustling crowds, or honour the fallen at Gallipoli. 

Europe has it all.


‘Mystery inside an enigma’ remains a perfect description of Russia. A composite of the extravagant glories of old Russia with the beautiful historic sights of St Basil and the Kremlin meet the suave new modern Russia of today where you’ll find yourself in some of the world’s most sophisticated bars & restaurants. 

Experience historic splendour wrapped in flamboyance.

Dubai & Oman, UAEDUBAI & OMAN, UAE

Renowned for its sand, sun and shopping, Dubai was once a tranquil town of coral-and-gypsum courtyard houses. Today shiny new skyscrapers reflect the mosques and wind towers of Old Dubai. Architecture and infrastructure, what other country which runs out of coastline builds a vast artificial island to cater for their new and expanding economy. Dubai today is flashy, fun and surreal. Oman is a perfect match with Dubai with its friendly people, never-ending sandscapes and spectacular desert luxury stays. With an array of forts, old mosque and wadi this is a gorgeous destination. Try wadi bashing in 4WDs followed by a luxurious picnic on the red sands as trained hunting falcons seek out prey. 

Oman has emerged into the incentive world.


South America is hot – all the way from the electric passion of the tango dance, to the sizzling beaches of Rio. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous in Buenos Aires or match it with the Gauchos on horseback. Join the Carioca dancers as they take your breath away with their most glamorous and flamboyant costumes of feathers & sparkles. Hand fish for piranhas in the Amazon or take a night canoe safari through the rainforest rivers searching for alligators and snakes. The sight and sound of Iguazu Falls is mind blowing. 

South America is a surprise package.


Fiji is the number one conference & incentive destination from New Zealand. This perpetual winner is perfect for that 3 hour flight escape to the sun to avoid NZ’s winter. Imagine chartering your own 72 person cruise ship, partying on your own private Island or hosting dinner on the beach beneath the stars. Helicopter over the mountains ranges, jetboat the Sigotoka River, or snorkel the shallow reefs in clear warm water. Then relax with a cocktail, listening to the soothing melody of Fijian serenaders. 

Say Bula to Fiji every year!


It’s all about laid-back style. Fabulous resorts line the Queensland Coast, each offering sophisticated surroundings and impeccable service. Contrast the stunning Red Centre experience with Melbourne’s cosmopolitan buzz. Camels on the beach, dinner under the stars, dive on the Barrier Reef or wrestle crocs before lunch. Indulge in some fine Hunter Valley wines, dine with dancing fairies in the rainforest, or be swept away by the beauty of the Whitsundays. 

Big budget or small, Australia has it all.


It is one of the only places on the planet that actually looks as good in real life as it does in the postcards. This stunning destination has too often been overlooked as too expensive to visit, however today it’s well in line with other destinations… and being only 5 hours away you too can be lying on the white sand beaches and snorkelling in stunningly clear water. Be served brunch with your table set up in the ocean, water lapping at your feet. Feed the stingrays or interact at close quarters with the dolphins, as these amazing creatures gracefully swim around you. 

You can very easily make the Tahitian dream come true.